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John Bosco Lourdusamy

Co-author, Moving Crops; Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India;

My latest academic interests centre around the history of tea plantation is India with specific focus on the evolution and transfers of technology in the tea industry. This interest, of late, has also  drawn me into the history of global circulation of (other) crops and commodities. More broadly I am a historian of science, technology and medicine in colonial India.

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Barbara Hahn

Co-author, Moving Crops; Associate Professor of History, Texas Tech University; Associate Editor, Technology & Culture;

My dissertation studied the interactions between the US tobacco industry and its interaction with tobacco agriculture over three centuries; it appeared as the book Making Tobacco Bright: Creating an American Commodity, 1617–1937 (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011) (View) and as a part of Plantation Kingdom: The American South and Its Global Commodities (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2016) (View), and, with Bruce E. Baker, The Cotton Kings: Capitalism and Corruption in Turn-of-the-Century New York and New Orleans (Oxford University Press, 2015) (View), as well as several articles and book chapters.


Sam Smiley

Sam Smiley is an independent scholar, a video producer and organizer of the Astrodime Transit Authority, “performing art and technoscience since 2007”. Her cropscape-related interests include weedscapes, the travels of Japanese knotweed, and Ornamentalism.